Change Wiki Policies and guidelines

Hello, these are the policies and guidelines here at Change Wiki. We hope you read them and agree to them, as it will expand your time here on Change Wiki. Here we go.

  1. No vandalism or spam. 
  2. You must be at least 16 years of age to support officially! (yes, I know I am 14 when I make this site. Yes you can just support but not officially)
  3. Don't support random things, and you must at least have 1 reason and knowledge of the topic before supporting.  Also fits in the "Spam" category.
  4. No making spam petitions. You are limited to only 2 petitions per day. You will be warned any further ones, until you get a ban.
  5. Petitions must make sense at least. A petition for example named "petition to get rid of air" or something isn't really going to happen.
  6. No racist slurs etc. unless it is a major part of the campaign.
  7. Remember, this wiki is so far not really major, so don't expect after a thousand supporters it will happen (ex. Impeaching a president)--WAY off line.
  8. Don't use all caps.
  9. No spam and argument comments. They will be deleted.

We hope you read the so-far rules, and more my be added. Thank you and enjoy Change Wiki.

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